Councilwoman Rekindles Playfulness of her Youth

May 8, 2017

“Shen Yun was very beautiful and inspirational. Most of all, it was extremely important that I learned a lot about China’s culture and tradition.


“The different landscapes, which range from the mountains to the meadows, and the diversity gave me the hope to one day visit China and see it first hand.


“It was amazing to glean the stories and ancient myths about China.”


“Shen Yun helped me rekindle the playfulness of my youth.” 


“What touched my soul was that certain minority groups are not safe in that country, including the Falun Gong adherents. It showed that my initiatives to help those that are in danger in China are important.” 


“Shen Yun gives its audience the ability to dream, to bring back a feeling from their childhood, and shows the diversity of the world we live in.”