Council Member Sees The Divine Beauty and Power In Shen Yun

April 6, 2018

“I believe that this show did display divinity, that it did show there is a God behind their actions, and they want to express it to us in any way they can — it’s through dance, it’s through a story, it’s through poetry. It’s beautiful.”

“I got to see part of the world. I was sitting down in a theater on the other side of the world. I got to see the beauty of our Creator in a different flavor.”

“They [dancers] were fantastic. I think they floated, they had a rhythm that they all came together like the ocean, just moving this way and that way, with the beauty of it.”

“I’ve seen every individual’s belief from their hearts and the expression on their faces. I could see the performers believed in what they were doing, and every individual coming together was very powerful. I felt their power along with their beauty.”

“I’ve seen that the divine power came from within each performer.”

“I felt the positive energy [from the performance.]

“I believe that if people would come see [the performance], people would understand that it’s not trying to overcome our beliefs here, but just working right alongside us, working to show that there is a God that loves us. I believe that their message is powerful, beautiful, and peaceful.”