Corporation Chairman: Shen Yun is Spectacular

March 18, 2014 Updated: March 26, 2014

TAICHUNG, Taiwan—At a matinee performance, on March 16, Wang Chiu-kuei, the chairman of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation and the former president of Lions Clubs International, District 300-G1, enjoyed the final performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company at Jhungshan Auditorium, in Taichung, with his family. This is Wang’s first time watching Shen Yun. He said: “As soon as the curtain went up, [the show] is very spectacular! I have never seen such a large-scale performance, and I feel greatly shocked!”

“The program Grand Descent of the Deities is quite gorgeous and very splendid. I study Taoism. We humans must have beliefs, and respect gods, so when the deities came out, I regarded them very much, and revere the deities very much in my heart.

“Shen Yun’s art is perfect. From all the performances, we can see a lot of ethnic groups and our China’s 5000 years of civilization.”

Mr. Wang said that Shen Yun has superb skills that express the elegance and extraordinary charm of classical Chinese dance, and he has never seen anything like this before.

He said, “The dancers did a great job! I have never seen such good dances. The dancers are so skilled, and coordinate perfectly. The costumes are also very dazzling.”

Mr. Wang also appreciated the backdrops saying, “The backdrop, and all the things and characters displayed in the show, are very novel. I am touched. I feel, the program Ne Zha Churns the Sea, for example, made children very happy when watching it.”

‘Shen Yun Deserves Promotion’

“The show not only gave us visual enjoyment, but also auditory satisfaction. It has attained the highest level of pleasure!” said the chairman of a real estate company, Chen Hongwei, who came to watch Shen Yun, together with his wife, on the evening of March 14.

It was their first experience of a Shen Yun performance, they shared their feelings after. Mr. Chen said,“The entire program layout, including the costumes and especially the arrangement of the music and dance, was flawlessly executed.”

Mr. Chen and his wife often see performing arts’ shows. Mr. Chen praised Shen Yun as a world-class performance they had never seen before: “This is a world-class performance; it has reached a certain standard. … The entire program, the flawless combination of the live orchestra with the dancing, was unbelievable.

“This was the first time we have appreciated a show so much, it was a highly gratifying audio-visual feast.”

At the end, the couple stressed that they would definitely recommend Shen Yun to their friends, Mr. Chen said, “This program is excellent! Shen Yun deserves promotion.”

‘This is a great joy’

In the audience of the final Shen Yun performance, on March 16, was Zhang Dawei, director of Seediq Youth Dance Troupe, along with 15 of his troupe members. Deeply inspired throughout the whole show, Mr. Zhang said, “From the opening scene, I felt it incredible, very touching! This is a great joy to the eyes, ears, and spirits.”

“I just asked the kids, ‘Have you seen anything today?’ ‘We still have a lot to learn,’ they said.”

Seeing Shen Yun for the first time, Mr. Zhang was impressed with the manifestation of past history and culture via the combination of dance and technology (the animated backdrop).

Mr. Zhang drew inspiration from Shen Yun manifestation of 5,000 years of Chinese culture. “As our (culture) is being ruined, there are always some enthusiastic persons making efforts to pass down the good stuff. This is the main spirit Shen Yun conveys to me today.

“That is, besides telling our future generations, we should also preserve our culture.”

Reporting by Fleur L, Long Fang and Irene Luo, Zhang Xueqing and Amy Lien

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