Corporate Manager: Getting Immersed in Culture that Shen Yun Portrays a Good Way to Start the New Year

January 1, 2017

“I look forward to opportunities like this. I came last year, and just had to come back again. It’s just a good way to just immerse yourself in the culture that they bring to us, every year that they come, and just get ready for the new year … just fill yourself with good spirits, and then tonight, midnight, we start a new year.

“It’s just an inspirational thing for me. I just enjoyed it, it’s just so well done and professional and so wholesome.

“They’re sharing a tradition that’s many years older than the United States, so that’s what I enjoyed. I enjoy coming every year that they have this show.”

“We start brand new—tonight at midnight. It’s a new year so you kind of feel the emotion and the traditions and share these feelings, and at midnight we carry on, start a new year, a little smarter, a little more wholesome, a little more traditional.”

“It’s just a clean, wholesome movement of dance and feeling, and what it shares with us as an audience—it’s a learning opportunity if we really look at it that way.”