Corporate Holistic Lifestyle Coach Finds Shen Yun Breathtaking and Inspirational

May 7, 2018

“I have been wanting to see this performance for more than five years. And it was my birthday in March. So my family bought [tickets] for my birthday.”

“I felt like … this performance was like eye-candy. The costuming!”

“I like the blend of dance, art form, the colors, it is really quite stunning.”

“I love the use of multimedia in the background, where it is really coming to life, and the kids really enjoy the characters coming from the screen, down onto the stage, and popping back out. It is very unique.”

“I feel like, the discipline that it takes to do what they are doing, you know, it is magical. And it can really only be said that, this could be done through a form of spirituality, through a meditative practice. … And their embodiment of all the components of spiritual working through body to do what they are doing—is marvelous.”

“It is obvious you cannot do that and just be an average person. … For them it is just so easy, to leap into the air. It is breathtaking and it is really inspirational.”

“I really appreciate how the mission of bringing back some of these cultural arts and traditions into modern times. … This is inspiring people to may get more in touch with—a quiet mind, and connecting with spirit, so that they can do amazing things with their body on different levels.”

“It is beautiful. We are honored to be part of it, see it.”