Consultant: Shen Yun Shares Chinese Culture

February 22, 2017

“I’ve been to China—to see some Chinese culture, but it’s not possible. [Shen Yun is] very nice, very colorful, very energetic, great music, we were enjoying it. I particularly liked some of the technology—the screen is very nice.”

“We were referred by friends to come to see it, and it was highly recommended, and we are not disappointed, so we would also share with our friends, particularly our family to come and join it, and see the rest of the productions. I learned so much about Chinese culture, it’s nice to have the historical perspective.”

“I’m familiar with China and Hong Kong, and certainly it’s been very enlightening, and very helpful. … People around the world … can all relate to each other’s stories, it’s very important that you share your Chinese culture here in the United States.”