Consultant: Shen Yun Is a Complete Multisensory Experience

April 12, 2018

“Fantastic, fantastic. I love the use of the scenery and the integration of colors, and the music was amazing.”

“The erhu—that was incredible … because the way that it resonated. It had so much emotion. Emotional communication expressed with such a simple instrument. It had so much complex nuance that felt very human.”

“I love the culture. We talked about the costumes, but the cultural imprints of each scene gave so much information about a cultural perspective, and the movements and the dancing was beautiful.”

“The art, the movements were very powerful. The colors, and the way they integrated with the background, what a fabulous thing. And the symbolism, and the larger than life, and the multidimensionality, was tremendous.”

“You have to experience it. It’s totally multisensory.”

“There were so many movements that were so difficult and they were performed so elegantly and gracefully. There was a gentleness. … So there was this whole multi-sensory integration that was consistent per piece. So each one was a whole scene, and it was a complete multi-sensory experience. I was so struck by how integrated the ways in which this experience and impression were communicated.”

“There was this quality of sweetness and lightness and spaciousness, which I associate with spirituality, because it takes a kind of inner space to be able to have that and convey it on a large scale. So [it was] from the inside. … The multitude of symbols also felt like it talked to the multitude, and then the oneness, so there were many layers from the experience of how the performers embodied their own practice.”

“My experience is that somebody’s inner quality, you experience that outwardly, and then to have so many people expressing these precise movements and precise stories while there was a simultaneous sense or air of sweetness to the whole thing.”