Congressman’s Deputy Chief of Staff: Shen Yun’s Performance Is Compelling

April 16, 2018

“It’s always enjoyable. It’s just the Chinese people have a long rich history and a long, strong culture. I think it’s wonderful that there are efforts to preserve it and to bring it back.”

“The values are very similar to Western values in a sense that you want to do well in this life so that you can have a good afterlife. You want to be a good person.”

“It opens up people’s eyes here that there’s a spiritual history with China that is very strong.”

“It was showing us in China has a long history and culture and many of the values they were presenting are similar or the same as ours.”

“I thought it was a very positive performance and they have a message to send. And they are doing this through beauty. … So I think that’s compelling. And it’s admirable.”