Conductor: ‘Thoroughly enjoying the orchestrations’ in Shen Yun

March 6, 2017

“Coming from the instrumental side, I’m thoroughly enjoying the orchestrations and the live pit. … It’s been outstanding, very enjoyable arrangements.”

“It’s a nice unique blend. It’s very nice to hear the cultural music mixed with the Western music.”

“I’m impressed with the precision—the choreography along with the music. I thought to myself: this is something that’s been rehearsed over and over to achieve this kind of perfection.”

“Doing a lot of conducting myself, I understand what it takes to achieve what appears to be an effortless, flawless performance. And so I respect and really appreciate all that’s going on behind the scenes to make it as brilliant as it is.”

“I just go back again to the professionalism of the entire performance and how enjoyable the performance is because it’s been produced so well.”