Computer Technologist: Shen Yun Backdrop Perfectly Synchronized

January 16, 2017

“Rich and deep and exciting and unique.”
“That innovative use of the digital background is like nothing that we’ve ever seen before. … It’s very impressive. It’s got to be difficult to pull it off. They have the synchronization perfect, and sometimes it even fools the eye. You even don’t notice the transition from the screen to the live stage. I don’t know how they do it.”
“The dancers are great. They’re athletic, and they’re poised, and they’ve got precision, and they’ve got grace. You can tell they put a big investment in this.”
“I love the stories, because I think that we don’t have enough material that the public can consume that teaches about spiritual, religious, historical, cultural material that is being forgotten too much.”

Timothy Musgrove, founder and CEO, Temnos
San Jose, United States
Shen Yun New York Company
January 15, 2017