‘Compassion, tolerance, and kindness is what I believe in’

January 31, 2017

“My impression of the performance is ‘absolutely fantastic!’”


“It’s very good that people are trying to convey a message of compassion and this movement through dance and beautiful costumes and ancient traditions.”


“I’m absolutely amazed and so happy to see that young people nowadays are really trying to keep their heritage alive and traditions to share with the whole world, because a culture is diminished and vanquished if it’s not passed on to the young people.”


“It’s the young people that have to pass on the torch to be able to continue and retain what the ancestors gave to them. If they’re not interested in doing that and showing it to everybody it will be lost. The Chinese culture was fantastic.”


“Every movement that has compassion, tolerance, and kindness [such as seen in the Shen Yun performance] is what I believe in and what the whole world should believe in. Unfortunately a lot of it is getting lost and it got lost under the Chinese communist rule.”


“If you don’t have tolerance, you have wars. If you don’t have compassion, you don’t have humanity. If you don’t have humanity, you don’t have any spirit of kindness. If you don’t have kindness … there’s nothing.”