Company President Says Shen Yun Displays Heavenly Principles

February 27, 2017

“Truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are principles of the universe. Everyone can have different inspirations after seeing Shen Yun, and thus getting positive energy.”

“It might seem that truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are quite simple. But to me, they actually encompass boundless knowledge.”

“The programs put up by Shen Yun are magnificent year after year. Though the programs are different every year, the spirit behind them is the same. The dancers have strived for excellence as they constantly try to improve themselves. I think they all have very good understanding of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. And this is something we should also strive for.”

“Modern people need to have a new enlightenment. So, while we see our morality and wisdom increase after watching Shen Yun, people are truly enlightened when they really choose to be good and [rebuild] their concepts about what are truly good.”