Company President Moved to Tears by Shen Yun

March 12, 2017

“[Shen Yun] is extremely striking. In addition to the vibrant colors of the costumes, the music is also awesome. Seeing this performance, I was extremely struck and moved to tears. … Through the form of dance drama, legendary stories and the problems happening nowadays were also performed.”

“I could hardly believe that the music was played live. It’s indeed great! … As soon as the vocalist started to perform the song ‘The Plum Blossom,’ my eyes were brimming with tears of excitement.”

“In the past, we only heard of the stories of the [Chinese regime’s] persecution against good people [Falun Gong practitioners], but they were performed by way of dance drama. I was touched beyond words. … Evil can never prevail over good as long as we hold compassionate thoughts.”

“It’s really pleasing to the eye. It’s a striking combination of strength and beauty. After seeing the show, I felt very comfortable. … I’ll recommend that my relatives and friends see the performance in hopes that they are able to have this kind of feeling and spread the experience of compassion to others.”