Company President: Keeping Spirituality of Chinese Culture Alive Is Important

April 22, 2018

“I love the colors, the precision [of the dancing].”

“I am very, very impressed with the orchestra. The orchestra is seamless. [The musicians] are so good and so on time that I forget they’re there.”

“I’m so engrossed with [the performance.] Although the show is emotional, it’s also intellectual.”

“I am glad to see that there are [Shen Yun performers] working very hard to keep that spiritual basis of Chinese culture alive. It’s very, very important.”

“I think, in today’s world, the [Shen Yun] presentation is relevant. Most importantly, it is relevant.”

“It is important that people understand that the spiritual side of the Chinese people is alive and well.”

“I am very enamored with the show and will be recommending it to friends.”