Company President Finds Shen Yun, ‘A Feast for the Eyes’

February 24, 2018

“It was a feast for the eyes with such beauty … sometimes I gave a hearty laugh. They are the best dancers and artists I have ever seen … I felt like doing some of their moves while watching.”

“This is my second time seeing Shen Yun. Every year the programs are different … I remember last year, there was also a story from the ‘Journey to the West.’ But it was a different one.”

“The digital backdrop and the performance on stage seemed to flow seamlessly—it was like magic. This was so impressive.”

“I noticed my son also laughed at some of the scenes—he found the performance very interesting.”

“The male performance gave a powerful, heroic spirit … and the female [performance] was soft and elegant. [Shen Yun] simply laid out the beauty of classical Chinese dance right on the stage.”