Company President Believes Shen Yun Is Important for Taiwanese Society

February 25, 2018

“Every time I come to see this performance, I am deeply touched by its different stories. The performance helps me profoundly.”

“The [digital] backdrop, the costumes, and the choreography—it was unbelievable. It was surely a spiritual encouragement for people in the audience.”

“Taiwan does need something [like Shen Yun] to raise the spirituality within people … If through this performance, people can have a positive mindset, our society will become better and better from one generation to the next.”

“[One of the programs] reminds me that, after a person has a successful career, with fame and a lot of money, he should not abandon his wife and children. I believe this is quite educational for people who are striving hard to have a good career.”

“Through a performance like this, people should become aware that, they must have righteous thoughts—only through his hard work will he reap his awards … this is the morality of life.”

“Spiritually speaking, with this music, we can find our [true self] again. There is this ‘quiet element’ within the performance, which makes it great … It allows us to reflect on ourselves. This is really good.”