Company Owner Says Shen Yun Presents the ‘Soul of Humanity’

January 14, 2018

“I have been wanting to see the show for several years.”

“I love Chinese culture. And yesterday someone died in our family. This was their seat. So I am blessed to have the opportunity to be here—the divine took him and gives me this gift of Shen Yun—to see the show. So I am a very lucky man.”

“When I look at the show, and I look at their eyes, the faces of all the dancers, and I am looking and thinking about their personal history, they love to dance, but they love this embodiment, this work, is more than, is like the soul of the universe. They are showing us a visual dance presentation of the soul of humanity. Amazing!”

“The music is very exciting and soothing at the same time. And the lyrics, when I read the lyrics, I think how God is the greatest poet.”

“Anyone who has seen the advertisement is always captured by the color. The vibrant, the brilliant, and unlike most American shows, or even European, this is a burst, this is like magic, this is like a magic show of dance. Very, very powerful.”

“We came to this beautiful theater in Lincoln Center, we’d seen many, many great shows. But this show just gives you something different. And look at the audience here, it is young, it is middle-aged, it is all. It is … every culture I can see here—this show is bringing the world together.

“Very fortunate to be here.”