Company Owner Says She Could Feel Spirituality Within at Shen Yun

April 28, 2017

“It was just extraordinary, it’s breathing taking … giving me a lot of information about the traditions, stories about how it came about, how it’s forbidden, to understand the performers what they’re performing. It made it even more so extraordinary, because it’s lost art, made me really appreciate [it] more so. I brought my young son and my nephew, they loved it. I was delighted I was able to expose them to it, and let them also experience it as well.”

“It’s a spirituality you could feel within yourself … through the stories, whether you could speak the language or not, you can feel the story, you understand the story through dancing, the art and movement, you feel sense of calmness, a sense of enlightenment, you do. I felt that, and of course the artwork, the stage, that all made it all, even more so.”

“[Shen Yun gives you]A better understanding of Chinese culture, of lost art, and some of the peaceful demonstration, and sad thing about it as the announcers say you can’t see this performance in China—the performers, these are just extraordinary extraordinary performers.”

“I’ve never heard music like this, never—very educational. I loved it, very different, you hear from distance—to see it in front of you, to experience the actual person’s singing, voice, instrument, it’s definitely a different experience, everybody should experience that to appreciate it.”