Company Owner Felt in Touch With the Divine in Shen Yun

February 25, 2017

“I thought it was great, it really brought you into a lot of different worlds and times, and I felt like I was really in their country, I felt like a part of their history was brought onto the audience. And I thought it was amazing—the visual effects that they did with the props and costumes, I really felt I was zoned in the whole time.”

“The way they convey the story as well as impart some of the cultural that are going on in the country. I also really like the mix of masculinity as well as feminine qualities. They really did a nice job of doing all different types of dance, a lot of variety.”

“I thought that [the divine] came through, I felt in touch with that a lot. Between the history and the divine it showed not only what they’re conveying in the stories but the way they’re moving. You could feel—I felt the word divine isn’t used a lot in our culture, but I felt that coming through the choreography.”

“Absolutely come see it. If you’re looking to be brought into another world and taken away from your day to day and to learn about not only another culture but a different way of dance and movement, come see Shen Yun.”