Company Manager Impressed With Shen Yun’s Digital Backdrop

April 3, 2017

“It’s just extremely interesting, there’s the culture and seeing the show. The dance and the costumes, and the precision of the dances.”

“The backdrops are great. The clever thing is, it’s not used anywhere else. The way it’s used in the show [Shen Yun], I’ve not seen it used by anybody. It takes a lot of precision, for the actors and the dancers, to be exactly where they need to be, to match the video. It worked really, really well.”

“[The scenery in the backdrop is] excellent, it’s really well done. Whoever does it, does it true to what you guys are trying to represent in the dance—so it’s not overpowering.”

“I’ve seen a lot of shows, in terms of lots of special effects, lots of expensive special effects. This is really simple, and it [Shen Yun] does it really well. Really, really well.”

“[The erhu was] beautiful. All of the traditional instruments are extremely interesting.”

“I saw this show, and something made me want to go to the show. I can’t tell you what it was, but I came to the show, and [it was] fantastic. And then by chance, just purely by chance, I met my wife [four years ago].”

“They’re amazing. They’re very talented people.”