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Company Director Captivated by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

BY Epoch Times Staff TIMEOctober 20, 2013 PRINT

COSTA MESA, Calif.—George Agortsas, director of engineering with one of the world’s largest computer hard disc drive manufacturers, was captivated by the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra after watching the orchestra perform at the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall on Saturday night.

“It is amazing, very captivating,” Mr. Agortsas said.

“In some of the music, it felt like I was swimming, and in other parts, the percussion was very nice,” he said, describing his experience attending the concert.

Jan Rowan, who came to see the show with Mr. Agortsas, particularly praised Shen Yun’s masterful blending of traditional Chinese instruments with a classical Western symphony orchestra.

“It is amazing and it is done very, very well,” said Ms. Rowan. “I think that it is wonderful, it blends harmoniously.”

She added that the musicians were very disciplined to be able to perform with such quality.

The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is part of the world-renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, which presents classical Chinese dance and music. Up until last year, the orchestra could only be enjoyed as an accompaniment to the dance performances. This changed last year, however, when the orchestra put on a concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York. The orchestra is currently on a seven-city tour across the United States.

Mr. Agortsas said he will tell his friends not to miss the concert.

“You have to see it, there is no other way to describe it—you have to experience,” he said.

Reporting by Teresa Liu

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is on a seven-city tour with performances in Washington, D.C.; New York; Boston; Houston; Dallas; Los Angeles; and San Francisco, from Sept. 27–Oct. 22. For more information, visit

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