Comedian Enjoys ‘Full Scenery Experience’ at Shen Yun

January 14, 2018

“I think I was very impressed, everything was beautiful and well choreographed. And I think I need to go home to do some research now about everything that Shen Yun is about.”

“It almost felt like a full scenery experience.”

“I love the precision of it and the color. As someone who dances more freely always like to see something that’s really put together and very beautiful choreography way.”

“I am having such a great time. Everything is beautiful … when they are drumming, they seem like they are having a great time and having fun. I think that’s really important when dancers show enthusiasm for what they are doing. The people on the stage tonight at Shen Yun are definitely … you can tell they are enjoying what they are doing which also make the audiences enjoy themselves as well.”