College Director Finds Shen Yun Educational

January 21, 2018

“I think it’s wonderful, really appreciate the diversity of the different dances, especially the difference in the timelines, that we move from historical, from early period into modern times, tells a real historical story, real cultural story.”

“There are some very very masculine components to the show … and there’s some more feminist side as well, more artistic side. I mean the orchestra is kind of wonderful, the dancing very much in kind of syc with the orchestra in perform, you can see that’s part of the story that is being told.”

“I’m a spiritual person myself … it’s educational to me, I didn’t realize the traditional Chinese—the kind of heaven side of it. I knew obviously about the aspects of it but it’s interesting to me to see how significant the part of the history of Chinese people that it is, and how it can be expressed through this art form.”