College Dean: Shen Yun’s Orchestra ‘Adds So Much Depth and Energy’

March 11, 2018

“I love the pageantry and the artistry. It was absolutely wonderful.”

“The dance was wonderful. I love the skillful moves and acrobatics and the flips, but also the beautiful artistic nature of the dance was wonderful, and I did enjoy the musical performances as well, the opera [vocal soloists]. The orchestra was wonderful as well.”

“[The live orchestra] was probably my favorite part. The live orchestra adds so much depth and energy to the show, and you can’t replace that. It was absolutely wonderful.”

“It was very emotional. It drew a lot of emotion out of me—very passionate and full of emotion. It was just a spectacular experience all the way around.”

“I enjoyed learning about [traditional Chinese culture]. … There are lots of different approaches to spirituality, different beliefs, but I think the commonalities are love and tolerance, or respecting one another, and I think that was clearly communicated.”

“It was very fun, a wonderful afternoon, very passionate and emotional, and just a joy.”