Classical Musician Appreciates Shen Yun’s Unique Orchestra

April 16, 2018

“I guess the one I loved watching the most was the one with the really long sleeves. Watch them throw them out and to be able to drape them over their arms and then pull them back in. it was fascinating because we’ve never seen anything like that.”

“The spirit part—I loved that. That speaks to us. It’s actually refreshing to see it be so openly displayed.”

“The men [dancers]—fascinating. When they leaped, it almost like they stopped in the air.”

“I’m a musician. And so I really appreciated the high level of artistry—lots of years, lots of hard work went into their skills.”

“I love the concept of bringing in those [Chinese] instruments with the Western orchestra—they supported each other. Which helped get across the traditional music and the beauty of that.”

“It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It makes you appreciate our ability to have freedom and to display our art.”

“The way they presented that [animation] on the screen [digital backdrop], and the way the music would build, I remember one or probably two times I really felt like the heavens were opening.”