City Planner Impressed With Shen Yun

April 12, 2017

“It was good. We enjoyed it a lot. It was her birthday present. Beautiful costumes, great dancing, the music was great.”

“It was very impressive, especially the spins where we know it was very difficult, and the jumps, and the leaps, the athleticism. But at the same time they were very light and graceful. I don’t know how to describe that.” 

“[The synchronization] was impressive, especially with the sleeves, and the umbrellas and the flowers. We really love the yellow flowers dance, just because of how pretty it was and the use of the fans to make the flowers and the waves, with all the synchronization.”

“We love [the backdrop] a lot. That was fun. I’ve never anything like that before. That was amazing.”

“It helped to have the emcees explain what the story was about. That was very helpful.”

“I found it very interesting that a lot of the cultures have some similarities, as far as religion, the Creator, going back to Heaven … there are some universal things, I thought, to the stories.”

“Amazing, impressive, different.”