City Council Member Says He and His Wife Will Return Next Year to See Shen Yun

January 22, 2018

“The show was excellent. We really enjoyed it—we loved it.”

“They were telling the story about everything that happens in Chinese life … and it gave me an insight into the culture. So I really appreciate that—it brought my awareness.”

“The spiritual aspect is very good because it parallels what is going on over here … I hadn’t been exposed to Chinese culture in this way—so it has broadened my horizons.”

“It was just enlightening and just giving me an awareness.”

“Every segment of the show had a theme to it, and the choreography is what I was so impressed with— the dances were all well-choreographed. I just really enjoyed it.”

“The singers were very good, the orchestra was good. I really enjoyed it—we’ll be coming back next year.”