Choreographer Says Shen Yun Is a Beautiful Gift

March 28, 2017

“I am a professional choreographer and ballet dancer and gymnast … I’ve been just so enthralled by watching the complete harmony in dance, classic, gymnastics in the most wonderful, excellent, exciting night of nights.”


“[The dancing was] mind blowing, excellent … the technique, the precision, in classical ballet terms you would call it the ‘corps de ballet’… cannot speak highly enough of it. It was faultless, exciting, stimulating, magnificent, and I can go on from here … .”


“I loved the drums, being a dancer and choreographer, everything to do with the drums, and the Tibetan drums were absolutely stunning.”


“What I thought, where we don’t give enough credit to, was the orchestra. The orchestration, the composition, the marriage of Western instruments with the Eastern traditional … breathtaking. Absolutely. So that was a huge aspect.”


“The dancing, every part of it … it had its reason, it had its wonderful tradition, and that’s what I think is so exciting that you have your performing arts academies that are maintaining and growing this beautiful gift, which is thousands of years old.”


“I cannot thank the company [enough], as it is doing this for the world. I can’t wait for the next one that I am going to see.”