Choreographer Enjoys ‘Excellent’ Shen Yun

March 3, 2017

“I thought it was excellent. It was very, very well done. The costuming was lovely. I particularly liked the toes pointed—beautiful toes. I notice things like that. … The extension of the feet is absolutely beautiful. Of course there are no lifts for the males and the females, but you don’t miss it because there’s so much athleticism. It’s wonderful.”


“I thought [‘Yellow Blossoms’] was very clever the way the fans were used and how they became flowers and just how seamless it was—moving from one to another, in and out. The way they did it was wonderful.”


“I also liked the one with the long sleeves (‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’). I know how difficult it is. I know how you can get completely fuddled up with the fan. They did very well. They are a professional group.”