Child Protection Officer Saddened Shen Yun Cannot Perform in China

April 28, 2017

“The costumes, the dancers, it’s just spectacular. Absolutely beautiful! The colours were spectacular, the dancers themselves were even better.”

“I think the colours impacted huge. The costumes here were probably the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen lots and lots of shows and concerts.”

“The background … I could not believe the beauty of the background, and coming onto the stage, it just felt like … I can’t explain it really, coming from there to the stage it just look real, how they got from the backdrop which looks like a TV screen on to the stage.”

“I did not realise until tonight about the difficulty of the people in the play not being able to go home [to China], and I think this brought home to me, wow, they are doing this knowing that they can probably never go home [to China], it’s just not right.”

“It brings the reality of the meaning of families; the whole of the family is so important, family, home it’s just so important. Where you live and the love you have for your culture. It just showed so much in the performance how much love they have for their home [China].”

“I actually want to see it again. I really do want to see the whole thing again, it was just spectacular.”