Chief Creative Officer Enjoys the ‘Influence of the Divine’ at Shen Yun

April 22, 2018

“It’s beautiful. I’m very impressed by the beauty of the costumes and the synchronicity of all the movement. And I like the music very much, too. The music seems to be perfectly written to the stories and to the dance.”

“I am right up front. And I leaned over and looked in and saw the traditional Chinese instruments. I thought that was a very nice touch—very authentic. The music makes me feel very happy and energetic, and very focused on watching the dance.”

“I think in all of our lives we have some negativity that we can surrender to find happiness. I think that’s a nice encapsulation [one of Shen Yun’s programs, ‘Awakening’] of that sentiment.”

“The show does a very good job of depicting the influence of the Divine in everyday life.”

“From a creative perspective, I thought all the various art forms spoke to each other perfectly in each of the pieces.”