Charity Executive Director Sees Value of Going Back to the Roots in Shen Yun

February 2, 2017

“This is my first time and it was really awesome. I think we’ll be here next year too.”


“I liked the message that there is hope. … The dances and all the music are beautiful, but the message that is being conveyed is really clearly seen in songs and all of those dances.”


“I think going back to the very roots of where we come from is very important because that’s where we get the meaning of who we are. … 


“If you go back to the very things that you valued before, people will see. If you go back to the truth, to the teachings of love and compassion, the world will be peaceful, the world will be full of love, no more hate, no more war, no more anger against each other. Then you can spread a welcoming spirit of love and compassion to all of humanity.”


“The message of love, the message of hope, and there is a message that truth should really be allowed to come out. You cannot cover up the truth because truth will always prevail, and truth will always be there no matter what people will say, no matter what people will try to do to discredit it. … 


“You know how people are enduring because of their sufferings. They endure the pain because they know there is something valuable that they are holding onto. And no matter what happens, they will keep it, they will hold on, they will treasure it, they will value it, even in death. They will keep on. And even if these people die, truth will prevail, compassion will continue, and the endurance and patience will continue to flourish.”


“It’s an amazing show. It’s one of a kind you cannot see anywhere else; you can only see it with the Shen Yun show. … [But] there is a message that people should know and should be watching. Not only because of beautiful dances, but the message itself, the soul and the spirit of this show, is what I can share with other people.”