CEO Might Have to Write a Poem About Shen Yun

February 26, 2018

“The choreography is beautiful. The way that the costuming works and how it fills up the space with different changes of color, that is so well coordinated—I love the coordination of color between the costuming and the backdrop. The coordination of that color is just perfect in every scene. It’s gorgeous, just gorgeous.”

“[I noticed] the sense of spirituality, the sense of connectedness, the search for the divine, the feel of the divine. … You could kind of feel a spirit in the movement, like they wanted a connectedness, you could feel that.”

“I firmly believe in God, and God is the Creator and when others, when their hearts are reaching out to connect, I just, I think He honors that.”

“There is a spirit within us that does seek to connect to the divine. I believe in one God, so our belief is different in that sense, but I think God honors those who genuinely seek Him. … So I think that bringing to the fore that connectedness to God is a good thing and not something that should be stamped out. It is a good thing.”

“I might have to write a poem about it; it was just so pretty.”