CEO Feels Connected With Her Cultural Heritage

February 20, 2017

“It’s outstanding. All the performers are excellent, the synchronization of the dance moves is perfect, and I really appreciate all the provinces and the different ethnic regions that things are coming from. I think that’s wonderful. It’s good to learn about it, too—I’m an American-born-Chinese. I feel connected today with the culture.”

“I loved the long sleeve dancing, and I liked the Tibetan drums too. They were very good. When I see these girls dancing, I think it makes me feel very proud to be of Chinese ancestry. I think all the beauty and the tradition of all these dances, and how it all ties into stories and history is wonderful.”

“I’m happy to introduce my daughter to where she comes from, I think it’s valuable for her to know the culture and the legacy of her ancestry.”

“It’s important for freedom of speech and communication, and I think it’s important for us to appreciate the freedoms we have here, compared to what’s happening in China. It’s important for folks to be more aware of it.”