CEO Appreciates the Sacredness of Traditional Chinese Culture

April 10, 2017

Tom Politowsky:

“I think it’s very beautiful and interesting. I think it’s remarkable to learn about the Chinese history, and the history of the dance. The performers are awesome. Everybody is in such precision, so I think it’s terrific.”

“That’s really the first time I’ve watched something like that (digital projection). And the synchronization of it. I see [Shen Yun has] a patent on it. That’s truly remarkable to see how they truly blend it all together as well as how the performers are just on target every single time.” 

“I actually have read about this beforehand, but it’s just so much better to see it in person than just reading it in a two-dimensional book because this is really like four dimensions that are going on.”

“I’ve enjoyed Chinese music.”

“I like the different unique cultural elements that come into that, for example, the costumes and the coloring, and the long sleeve dance (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”). Who would have thought of that? The “Tibetan Drums” dance, [too]. 

“I think it’s fantastic. I think everybody should come see this. Especially if you don’t know a lot about Chinese culture because then you’ll learn and appreciate how beautiful, how interesting, it is, and how sacred it is, for the thousands of years that it’s been here.” 

“It’s a spiritual sense, in that the embodiment of the beauty of the dance, the music, all of the icons of the history, instead of just making them facts in a book, they’re making them stories. [There is a] sacredness about it.”


Stephanie Haber:

“What I love is the expression on the [dancers’] faces, without verbalizing everything. It comes through the dance and the expression of their faces. And the music, of course.”

“Everything [was touching]. The sacredness of what was China, and how China was looked upon, thousands of years ago, as a divine nation. And how things have changed now, in the world, and it’s very calming, and it gives me a little hope that maybe change can happen from a culture such as this.”

“I know [Shen Yun is] being seen all over the world, and I’m hoping it will instill a poignant message to everyone in the world that this is how life can be — how it was at one time.”

“Everyone should see this. You have no idea what it’s like until you see it in person. It’s spectacular.”

“It’s a message of peace and contentment.”