Cardiologist Says Shen Yun Makes His Heart Beat Faster: ‘Full of love for the Chinese people’

April 16, 2017

“I enjoyed it very much. Beautiful, I think it’s very graceful, very colorful. It has some ideas behind it. I like that. I also like the fact that they can perform here, but they can’t perform in China, which is very sad for the Chinese people. We think that after communism, we now have democracy, but not for the Chinese people. It’s good for the American people to appreciate it. American people often times don’t appreciate what we have here.”

“It’s beautiful. It’s perfectly performed. All the dancers are very talented, very athletic, very artistic, so it’s a good show.”

“My heart is warm, full of love for the Chinese people.” 

“I’m going to recommend. I’m going to stand on Hollywood Blvd. and scream. Next week I’ll need to see a cardiologist myself, because this show makes my heart beat fast.”