Canadian Airforce Officer finds Shen Yun Orchestra Expressive and Beautiful

December 30, 2017

“I think [the show is] fantastic. I think it’s very lively, very colorful, and the traditional dances are just wonderful. The feelings that it invokes, the different dances, from the Mongolian Chopsticks, for example, and all the power you feel from the soldiers, and the grace from the female dancers, is just very contrasting and very nice.”

“[It is] enchanting, beautiful, and vibrant.”

“I loved the music…I’m an amateur musician…I love having a live orchestra. It’s so rare these days to go to a show where there’s an actual live orchestra. It’s often recordings, so having a live orchestra and having erhu and pipa integrated in the orchestra, I think that’s beautiful.”

“It just combines together, the emotions that you’re feeling, the music is just bringing it out. And the backdrop too, it’s fantastic.”

“The fact that you have the traditional instruments as well [is expressive], it just brings elements of the Western type of orchestra with the traditional instruments. It’s very nice. The feelings are conveyed, and bringing out the traditional aspects of it.”