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China in Focus

Tiffany Meier

March 18, 2023
There's a major shift in how the United States views warfare. The Pentagon recently published a report, noting U.S. adversaries intend to "win without fighting." The United States has historically viewed war through the lens of peace or all-out conflict, while for many countries, war is viewed on a continuum. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, wrote in the statement's forward: "If the United States does not compete effectively against adversaries, it could 'lose without fighting.'" In this special episode, we sat down with Casey Fleming, CEO of advisory firm BlackOps Partners, to find out just how significant of a shift this is, what it means going forward, and how each American is involved. Fleming said, "This really is a big deal. Every American needs to understand what this really means." He said, this is the Pentagon waking up to the fact that "war is not just peace or war. It's binary on or it's off—the way that our Pentagon has seen it in the past. So our adversaries view war on a continuum, and they're fighting everything short of war." "Unrestricted warfare is no rules. That's really what unrestricted means. It means no rules. So it means attacking the civilians and everything we stand for, everything that holds our society together, everything to weaken us, and to win without fighting," he added. As for the changes we might see going forward, Fleming said, "You're going to see more of a whole of nation response to a whole of nation attack against us. So you're going to see that the military is going to be aligning much more with the private sector." Have other topics you want us to cover? Drop us a line: And if you’d like to buy us a coffee: Subscribe to our newsletter for more first-hand news from China. Follow China in Focus on social media: Twitter: Truth Social: Gettr: Facebook: Gab: Telegram:
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