Bridgewater Mayor Says Shen Yun Is Spectacular

May 6, 2017

“The show was spectacular. It was an incredible combination of costumes, choreography, music, and all leaving you with a serene and nice message of compassion. It was a great show. You feel so good afterwards. It was really amazing.”

“Some parts of the show make you feel very serene, and of course the message in the songs really was about a message of compassion and how we should live.”

“My understanding of the lyrics is that really, we have a choice, of how we live, whether or not we choose to be good, or act in the way of good or act in the way of evil. That defines us. So hopefully everybody knows the right choice, the choice of good. And the goodness is compassion.”

“It was really great, the costumes, the colors, and the choreography. You feel one of the amazing depths of the culture, and of what you see in the dances, and of course the breadth of the countryside, when they talk about one being Mongolian, and one being Han. So the sleeves, and the flowers, and the incredible sense of timing that all the performers have…was unbelievable. “

“I love the live orchestra. And I know there is a lot of dedication. In my family, I have string players, and the dedication they have to reach the level of the performers tonight is really something to be admired.”

“To the artistic director: what an incredible job of choreography! To the orchestra leader and members: their performance is outstanding! To all (performers), I really want to say thank you! Thank you for giving me a fantastic evening, and I know they’ve given [it to] a lot of people — what a wonderful gift of evening of entertainment—thank you!”