Biotech Company President Truly Admires Shen Yun’s Artistic Director

March 19, 2017

“It (Shen Yun) is the pride of the Chinese people. It’s too good to be true.”


“Wow! Marvelous! The backdrops were so lifelike and beautiful that (the images on them) were vividly presented in front of us.”


“It was like an exclusive performance enjoyed only by emperors in ancient times. I’ve never seen it. It’s beyond words.”


“The dance, music, techniques and skills are so beautiful. They (dancers) indeed have very solid foundation.”


“I’m now feeling very happy, and feel like seeing it again. Shen Yun’s perfect coordination among the backdrops, movements and music is not something that ordinary people can make it. It’s fantastic.”


“These historical legends are part of our traditional culture. They are very important, as they can inspire people’s moral values … these are something that we cannot see in other performances.”


“This is a top performance. The artistic director is really great. He is the best in the world. I truly admire him.”

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