Barbershop Quartet Singer Praises Shen Yun Singers’ Technique

February 16, 2017

“I came last year and came back this year and was totally impressed again. There were some different dances and I loved it.”


“I love to watch performers and their faces more than anything else. And the faces of the (Shen Yun) performers were just amazing. You could tell they were enjoying what they were doing. And what a performer enjoys, then it makes the audience feel great about it too. So it was fabulous, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”


“Oh [singers] they were fabulous. Now they use the bel canto type singing, everything just rings. And that’s how they get those high notes. … every note they sang was just what we would say just popped, just boom! Like that. It’s a unique thing, it’s not taught that much anymore. Even a lot of opera singers in this part of the world, they don’t always sing that type of [technique].”


“It’s amazing  kind of power. As far as I could tell, the singers were not amplified, that was just their voices coming off the stage and they fill the hall—with just sound. It’s amazing what the body can do, vocal chords in there. The sound bounces all around, it resonators in your face and head, really, they know how to project it, so I was really impressed.”


“Oh gosh yes, those [costumes] were gorgeous, just amazing. I mean the outfits alone, the costumes themselves would be enough, but then to have the dancers with those skills that they have, to do what they do and the unison.”

“I understand that a lot of stories are ancient from China, millennia back. And I would hope that those things are still passed down through families and so, because as I understood that if you go to China today, you wouldn’t be able to see this kind of performance. And that is so sad that such a beautiful culture has to be sustained outside of China.”