Banking Association Chairperson Returns to See Shen Yun

With 30 Association Members
February 24, 2018

“The [production] is exquisite. I [repeatedly] had this feeling—oh! this program is great since it gives me such a wonderful feeling. And then when I see the next one, it is equally good, if not better.”

“I encourage my friends to come to see the performance. In the past years, I have invited around 30 people every year. We strongly agree with what Shen Yun is all about … Today, about 30 of us have come together.”

“[The idea] of what goes around comes around [in traditional Chinese culture] is very inspiring for all of us. As human beings, we should be good people.”

“This is what performing arts should be all about—positive and radiant … we should learn from [Shen Yun].”