Baltimore Theatergoer Enjoyed Shen Yun’s Variety

February 18, 2017

“I really, really enjoyed it. Very much! I really like the humor in some of the stories. It was nice to see a broad range of emotions. I’ve got some sad stories, happy stories, funny stories. Very, very nice.”

“The yellow [“Yellow Blossoms”] dance. I really enjoyed being out in the nature, so that to me it was like being outside, very pretty. Forsythia in the spring time, perfect time of the year to see that, it’s really nice.”


“I like that [spirituality] very much. … You just really can’t have art without spirit involved in it, in fact, anything. Spiritualism should be a part of your life.”


“It’s something relaxing, something that takes your mind off of the things that are going on now. Getting somebody else’s point of view or perspective.”


“To bring that heart to an audience is a tough skill to master. And that’s what I took from it [Shen Yun].”