Ballroom Dancer Impressed by the Dancers in Shen Yun

February 21, 2018

“It was really amazing. It’s really cool to see different kinds of dancing. I was really impressed [by the Shen Yun dancers].”

“It would be interesting to learn [classical Chinese dance], and see the similarities and differences with other dancing that I’ve done.”

“I loved how [the performance] had different stories. Some were funny and some of them were sad.”

“Some of the [stories] really made me almost cry, actually. The [story] about the guy that got taken away from his wife—that was really amazing.”

“The [soloist who] was singing the song—I was reading the words on the screen—it was very powerful.”

“I found it interesting that they weren’t allowed to perform in China, because of the … I guess, the truth within it.”

“I’d recommend [Shen Yun] to anybody and everybody. … It’s a very diverse and spiritual show with many different kinds of dancing within it.”