Ballet Instructor Says Shen Yun Dancers Are Perfection

March 6, 2018

“They are perfection. They work as one—their individual strengths come out in the performance. It’s very enjoyable to watch.”

“When you watch the dancers move individually, you can see a great technique. You can see something that fascinates you.” But when you see them do it all together, they’re so well-timed, every finger has its place, every eye is looking the same direction, it just brings that much more energy and force out into the audience.”

“I think deep inside, we might find peace when we can connect with something beautiful. So when I’m seeing a movement like this, it makes me—feel at home, because this is what I like to do.”

“To watch [Shen Yun dancers]—is inspiring—we’re all connecting with the movement, with the music, with the energy, and with [Shen Yun’s] beauty.”

“I’m enjoying it very much, connecting with what they’re going through, with the storyline, … the beauty of their movement all together, it feels very spiritual.”

“I would say to [my friends,] if you want to see physical movements that reminds you of nature, and of the beauty that you can find every day like in the wind, how things work together to create beautiful scenery and movements—come watch this.”