Ballet Instructor Finds Shen Yun Dance Technique Phenomenal

February 18, 2018

“So beautiful, extremely colorful, stunning to watch, the technique was phenomenal. Very impressive and beautiful.”

“I loved how it felt so joyful, the whole thing, and yet there were pieces that were extremely touching and moving. The different perspectives, the difference dynamics. It was beautiful all around.”

“It expressed things that you couldn’t necessarily put into words. … The whole movement altogether brought out a lot of emotion that was from deep within, and not just in words.”

“The movements were so extremely together, very professional, very beautiful.”

“Even the costuming brought out the different pieces, like … the one with the long sleeves that represented heaven, what it’s like in heaven. … That’s not something that’s so surface. There’s something deeper in that, and I absolutely loved that, and I love seeing it in dance and not just in words.”

“I would say that it brought a sense of unity and peace, hearing that everything is going to be okay, that we’re going to get through whatever it is that we’re going through, that God is on our side, and we’re all together as a family,”

“I loved that, it was very encouraging.”