Ballet Dancer: Shen Yun ‘Really Powerful’

January 21, 2018 Updated: January 21, 2018

“It was marvelous! It was just so touching and spectacular. I was so grateful to have this experience.”

“Everyone on the stage seemed so engaged, so in tune to their bodies, into each other and the message that they were trying to convey.”

“It was very divine, very spiritual. [You could sense] the dedication, devotion, and discipline. It read from the audience in a way that not many productions allow you to experience. Especially from this production you can really sense that in every dance — it was so wonderful!

“The music is beautiful, it was touching. I got chills several times throughout the performance.”

“It was really powerful. It’s not just, ‘Oh I’m being entertained.’ You really think about what you are watching, what the message is, and how it affects you.”