Ballet Dancer Enjoys Watching Shen Yun Dancers’ Technique and Synchronization

April 16, 2017

“I loved the performance.”

“The dancers are amazing. … I wonder how many hours of rehearsal they have to go through because they’re well-rounded. 

“As a classical ballet dancer, I notice the formations that they’re making. … Their movements being the same, which I think is actually harder [to do] than when you’re doing [it as] a soloist. It’s harder to execute that. It’s amazing how they all look like the same dancer — sharing one body.”

“I notice that they have a step where they go from heel to toe, heel to toe, very, very fast. It’s amazing. I’m awe-struck by it.”

“I liked how the choreography correlates with the backdrop. [It] puts you in the scene. So you see these people fly down, and then all of a sudden, there are these people who pop out [on stage]. It’s like your actually inside this little world that they create.”

“The orchestra sounds beautiful.” 

“You guys (Shen Yun dancers) are doing a great job; keep up the good work. You’re inspiring.”

“That’s why we love dance so much. It does touch us spiritually. And to be a dancer, you have to really, really, dig deep. You have to really love what you do. … There’s hours and hours and hours of rehearsal and dedication.”