Ballerina: Shen Yun Shows Hard Work Pays Off

By Mary Silver, Epoch Times
January 5, 2014 Updated: January 5, 2014

MEMPHIS, Tennessee—A young lady extended her toe and lifted her hand gracefully, posing for a picture in front of a Shen Yun banner at Cannon Center for the Performing Arts while her mother and a friend took her picture. It was clear that Tiffany Bopp was a ballerina.

Miss Bopp has studied dance since she was a child, for nine years. She spoke of her admiration for the dancers in Shen Yun, and later that night, sent an email to say more.

She wrote: “It was nice to know that I, a teenager, was being heard. Because I was slightly nervous, it was hard to think what to say, but I can tell you now it was very inspirational to watch how the dancers truly enjoyed what they were doing. It also showed that hard work and dedication does pay off in the end.”

Heather Bopp, Miss Bopp’s mother, bought her tickets, and she was gratified by the pleasure it gave her daughter. She enjoyed the beauty, as well as her child’s enjoyment. “I loved the color, and I loved the precision. I thought it was gorgeous. And I loved watching her because she was so enthralled by it, and that’s enjoyable.”

Mrs. Bopp said her dancer daughter did not hide her eagerness to see Shen Yun. She saw a Shen Yun booth at the long-running local “Germantown Festival and came and got me. She said we’ve got to see this.”

“And they got me into it!” said Bedita Ruleman. Miss Bopp said she told Mrs. Ruleman, “You should come see it because it’s really good. The dancers—they’re so precise in everything they do.”

One of the signs of that precision is how the artists create an illusion that they are weightless. Mrs. Bopp observed it and said, “The silence—when they dance, they’re almost floating.”

“Yes, they’re floating!” said Miss Bopp.

“You don’t hear a footstep or anything. They’re flying; they’re so beautiful,’ said Mrs. Ruleman.

According to the Shen Yun website “Art was meant to uplift, bringing joy to both the people who created and experienced it.” The dancers expressed enjoyment, according to Mrs. Bopp. She said, “They really look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, they really do, so it was an enjoyable evening. It was lovely.”

Mrs. Ruleman said her daughter in Boston is interested in theater, and she plans to tell her when Shen Yun will visit Boston.

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. For more information, visit Shen Yun Performing Arts.

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