Ballerina Appreciates Shen Yun’s Beautiful Choreography and Great Formation

April 23, 2017

“I loved [the performance]. It’s beautiful choreography and great formation.”

“[The dancers] were perfect with a beautiful technique, very uniform, and moved as one person. Most people don’t understand that it’s a lot of work. They made it look effortless.”

“[The storytelling] was beautiful. It made me cry, sad, [particularly] the ‘A Child’s Choice’ piece.”

“It’s very nice to see that it’s (5,000 years of Chinese culture) not lost.” 

“It’s definitely important for people in this country to understand the politics, [and Shen Yun did] a very good job educating the American public.”

“I see the production value. I felt that I could take a trip with the dancers.” 

“The orchestra is so awesome. It adds such a greater value to the show. I almost forgot that it’s live. It’s incredible.”

“I can tell everyone around me really enjoyed it (the backdrop.) As a performer, I can appreciate the idea and the thought put into that.” 

“Everyone should experience [Shen Yun] for the cultural value and the beautiful choreography. I am going to be inspired by all the things that I’ve seen for sure.”

(To Shen Yun performers) “Keep up the awesome work. I’m going to come back every year.”